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Selected Poems 1985–2004

This selection of 35 poems, chosen and read by the poet, draws from her three collections of poetry: Horses and the Human Soul (Story Line Press, 2004), History and Geography (The Eighth Mountain Press, 1989), and Trying to be an Honest Woman (The Eighth Mountain Press, 1985).


Judith Barrington is one of the Northwest's most popular serious poets—it was no surprise when she was picked by Willamette Week readers as their favorite for Oregon's Poet Laureate. Her popularity is well deserved; her poems are accessible and yet finely crafted. They are "laced and restrained by subtle rhymes and rhythms" as one reviewer put it, and in the words of another, "both structure and message are discretely programmed through sound patterning and masterful rhetorical designing."

In the intimate relationship between the poem on the page and a solitary reader, the poet's voice on this CD adds a welcome new dimension. Hearing her read aloud, in her "mellow, clear voice with its faint but distinctive British accent" adds a whole other level of pleasure.

Listen to the author read her poems:

        "Living without Horses"

Available only from Black Magic Spoken Word for $15 including postage & handling. Send a check made out to Judith Barrington, to: Black Magic Spoken Word Recordings, 622 S.E. 29th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214. Credit card sales can be made through the Eighth Mountain Press. Call 503 233 3936

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